Finding My Existence In Your World

Poetry for a desperate heart

Sakari Lacross
2 min readJan 28, 2022


These are poems from my poetry collection, Sunset Szn. Enjoy :)

Poem #1

Every time I want to give up

You smile at me

I wish I didn’t depend on you so much

I wish I wasn’t easy to crush

~ I Luv Kind Girls

Poem #2

I’m ready to pass away in your fantasy.

Like a movie scene,

Will you hold me,

As I die in your arms?

Poem #3

If I had a heart…

If it wasn’t broken…

I know I would love you…

Poem #4

Where are your reservations in heaven

I wanna meet you there

I’d never see you, in this reality

I’m too different for you.

In this life, I’m an ogre in your image

But if I leave this corpse, then you can see my true self

Your forever…your prince

~ Marriage In Heaven

Poem #5

All nighters with your friends

Drunk calls I get from you

Loud music and partying with your friends

You don’t want commitment

That’s just something you said

~ I Can’t Change You

Poem #6

Somewhere between sex and attention

I want you

Though neglect is okay

I would be stuck after having you

I’m aware of this.

She’s born from darkness

My new favorite type

She knows pain exist

I want her to want my pain

I want to drip my pain on her chest

Poem #7

Thinking about a chance



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